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This specially crafted citrus tonic syrup is inspired by Joseph Dalton Hooker: a scientist, botanist, explorer, dinner clubber and badass. Through his exploration of the Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin (yeah we name-dropped), Hooker found a special love of the Cinchona Tree, a key ingredient in this tonic syrup.
And it’s with this adventurous spirit that we created Hook’s Tonic Syrup, each small batch handcrafted in Gainesville, Florida.

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We are six friends seeking to save the world from cocktail mixers made in mega-factories, to rescue your taste-buds from “tonic” that was not designed to taste good but was produced to withstand endless neglect on supermarket shelves. Nothing is as uninspiring as a two-liter bottle of tonic water, except for maybe the dreaded soda gun at your local watering hole. The soda gun is to cocktails as bologna is to sandwiches. Who likes bologna? The soda gun is doing you no favors, it’s just sucking the flavor out of your cocktail. We are here to show you wonders that a carefully crafted tonic syrup can reveal.

Inspired by Joseph Dalton Hooker,  we’ve made each batch with care, creativity, and zero bologna. Put Hook’s in your next cocktail and taste the difference. Never again will you pick up the soda gun or that two liter bottle of loveless tonic water.

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